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The Siluro was an underwater camera made by Nemrod Metzeler in Barcelona, Spain between c.1960 and 1966[1]. The body is a plastic cylinder with a sports finder at the top, a large handle on the user's left and a hinged front. It is equipped with valve to allow pressurising the interior to ensure good sealing, allowing it to operate to depths of 40m. There are some ballast lead weights built in. Single speed shutter (~1/55s) with an f16 fixed-focus lens set to a depth-of-field of around 1-2.5m. The camera is usually shown with a flash gun fitted in front of the handle. Film format is 12 6x6cm exposures on 120 film.The Mako Shark is a similar camera, but for 620 film - and without flash sync.

Nemrod Siluro (1960)
Underwater camera made of heavy bakelite
70 mm 1:16 fixed aperture and focus 1-2,5 m
Fixed shutter speed 1/55 sec.
12 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 film
Built-in lead weights to achieve neutral buoyancy
Air valve to pressurize it, using a bicycle pump
Bulb flash unit, for M2/M3 bulbs, or XM-1 via included adaptor. Powered by a 22,5 v battery and a 100 microfarads, 25/30 v capacitor

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